Cannabinoids, Their Qualities, And Usage in Pharmacology

Cannabinoids are chemical agents that are mostly derived from cannabis – hence is the name of the agent. There are natural and synthetic ones. Natural are contained in cannabis – the plant – and can be used via different applications of this plant. The most frequent method of application is smoking because in plants, the cannabinoids can be activated only when heated. The raw unprocessed plant does not give full effect if any at all.

Synthetic cannabinoids have generally the same effects on the body and mind, the only real difference is that they are way more powerful than natural ones because they are designed specifically to achieve this or that purpose for the user. There are different types of cannabinoids, both natural and designed ones, so to find out more about qualities and influence, better ask the supplier. However, there are still some general qualities that can be listed.

The qualities and influence of cannabinoids:

  • influence the center of pleasure in the brain without making the person feeling high;
  • stimulate pleasant and colorful dreams;
  • help to fall asleep;
  • stimulate pleasant memories that naturally improve mood;
  • reduce the feeling of fear;
  • reduce the feeling of anxiety;
  • calm down effectively;
  • reduce physical pain;
  • relax the muscles;
  • reduce nausea;
  • stimulate appetite;
  • slow down the development of cancer tumors;
  • protect nerve cells from damage;
  • help to manage hyperactivity;
  • show helpful effects for people having epilepsy;
  • stimulate the development of nervous tissues and networks;
  • show helpful effects for people with asthma.

As it becomes clear, cannabinoids have a bunch of very positive effects on the users. This is exactly the reason why they are used in pharmacology, and in the countries where they are banned for usage, people organize protests and sign petitions. One of the most widespread niches of usage is coping with symptoms of epilepsy, especially in children who are very sensitive to synthetic drugs.

Natural cannabinoids can be used in three ways – they can be smoked as a week, they can be boiled in milk and the milk is consumed, or they can be used for making edible butter, for example, coconut butter. Such butter can be consumed with food or applied on the surface of the skin. It is known that the active agents and useful elements from the plant can be derived only as a result of controlled heating, so the way of usage is pretty limited.

Synthetic agents, on the other hand, are designed with active agents immediately present in the medicinal drug, so they should not be heated and activate the nervous system right after they are consumed. In these terms, designed agents are handier and easy to use. Moreover, their effect is more controlled and predictable, because they are produced with the exact amount of each active element in their composition. In pharmacology, they are widely used for the treatment of insomnia, anxiety, mood swings, and also as a powerful relaxant. They can be used as an emergency and also as a preventive measure when the condition is known to be triggered.

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