U48800: Where Is It Used?

People come up with different drugs all the time, for vastly different purposes. Some of them are interested in testing something on themselves, getting new feelings and experiences. Others are focused on making money because, in our modern society, drugs are extremely popular and very often, they are used in medical purposes. Finally, there are those interested in research itself. U48800 is a new analytical reference material that can be bought legally for research purposes.

U48800: What Is it?

U48800 was initially developed and synthesized by the Upjohn company back around the 1970s. However, one of the first official mentions of U48800 in modernity comes from Canada, where the police found an unfamiliar white powder as they were searching for some house in Toronto in 2018. Eventually, it was established to be a new synthetic opioid. So, its precursors are opioids, though it has nothing to do with fentanyl. Instead, it’s a non-fentanyl benzamide compound that is also often called “pinky” due to its color. In Canada, it’s neither legal nor illegal, while in Europe, some states in the US, and in other places, it’s used in various purposes, including educational one.

U48800 closely resembles U-47700, which is illegal. The only difference is that its chemical content is changed a bit, which makes it difficult for the law to persecute the buyers since technically, such drug isn’t forbidden. It’s believed to be produced in China and it gets into Western countries with the help of dark web mostly, at least when it comes to individual buyers. Research centers and other educational establishments, on the contrary, can buy it absolutely legally, even in bulk, for different applications.

What kinds of research is U48800 used in?

U48800 is used in many different purposes. You can see the main ones in the list provided below.

·         In forensic applications;

·         In studies aiming to research chemicals;  

·         In research dedicated to synthetic cannabinoids study;

·         When investigating benzodiazepines;

·         In dissecting the components as well as properties of steroids and hormones;

·         Other forms of research.

Currently, U48800 is viewed https://apollosci.com/ as a qualified analytical reference material that corresponds to a set of certain legal standards. It’s hydrochloride, and it’s important to understand its purposes as well as qualities in order to be able to use it accordingly. Such guideline as ISO Guide 34 is used to confirm the use of U48800. In addition, ISO/IEC 17025 is also used to verify its rightful usage. In the process of testing of U48800, many analytical methods are used. They play the role of measurement here.

So, how can institutions buy it in for research purposes? First of all, they have to be qualified. It means that only known and official universities will be able to make a purchase — otherwise, it won’t be regarded as legal and might lead to negative repercussions. In most cases, U48800 can be bought through Bertin Technologies in Europe. However, it’s important to contact the sales department to learn about its price.

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